Destructive hospital received the latest equipment

Destructive hospital received the latest equipment

The Retina Service at Prof. Dr. Enrique DeMaría Ophthalmology Hospital has received two high-tech devices.

Today 10:41 PM

The device contains an Echometer Echograph, a 45 IGH accurate model, to measure intraocular lenses and diseases of the retina and vitreous body. The second device is the Argon Diode Laser, the alcon brand, for treatment and prevention, which allows the treatment of certain diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears, glaucoma, and others.

The handover was attended by the Minister of Health, Lecividad Nassif, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Cesar Monti, the authorities of the Eye Hospital, the Director Dr. Dolores Coronel, the Director of Assistant Dr. Jerónimo Diaz Yuca, and the Retinal Service Team, Dr. Diego Pallavicino and Dra Maria Ramos Taboada.

The Minister of Health stressed the importance of quality in patient care: “We are achieving goals within the framework of the goals set by the governor, in which access to health is a priority from the perspective of patient rights .. the citizen. Within this framework, today we are integrating highly complex equipment to continue to make accessibility possible with quality care.”

For their part, hospital administrators thanked the administration for having obtained both devices. Dr Coronel commented, “We appreciate the decision to purchase the equipment and continue to plan the purchase of other equipment to fully cover the services provided by the hospital.” Also, Dr. Diaz-Yuca shared a few words “more and more patients are coming to the hospital, they trust our services, that we can have the latest generation of equipment which is very good to offer the best to the residents.”

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Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Dr. Cesar Monti noted the importance of communication for medical referrals, saying: “We are working to strengthen the network with hospitals inside. This way transfers will be scheduled with urgent treatment illnesses prioritized for referrals.”

Finally, Dr. Maria Ramos Taboada, member of the hospital’s retinal service, responsible for Dr. Ricardo Basson, explained the operation of the received devices: “We have two new devices, one with a diode laser that is used as a treatment and prevention for many retinal diseases such as tears and diabetic retinopathy. Ultrasound device It is a device that serves as a diagnostic method and has two functions, one that allows us to see the structure of the eye and one that allows us to see the environmental measurement and perform the intraocular lens calculation for subsequent surgery.”

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