The well-known zombie game “Days Gone” is being made into a movie, and the famous actor points to the main role

The well-known zombie game "Days Gone" is being made into a movie, and the famous actor points to the main role

In recent years, we are seeing more and more (successful) adaptations of game movies. For example, just think Sonic the Hedgehog, mortal battle And the Unknown. Now it’s time for another well-known video game, which is Days gone by.

This game was published by Sony in 2019. The story is set in the post-apocalyptic United States, two years after a pandemic wiped out a large part of the earth, others have mutated into “Freakers” like zombies. The main character is an outlaw and motorcycle enthusiast, Deacon Saint John, who is played by the player.

the actor
The actor who will play John has already been found. This is Sam Heughan, famous for stranger from home-series. The 42-year-old Scot has been linked with James Bond for some time, as it is rumored that he might take over from Daniel Craig.

However, Sony also has big plans with Days gone by. If the first part is good, the studio really wants to make it a franchise. Although the video game received mixed reviews, it was part of the 20 best selling games of 2019. However, a sequel has not been announced yet.

So it looks like Sony wants to focus on the movie version for now. Academy Award-nominated writer Sheldon Turner will write the screenplay. name the projectLove song for motorcycle loversHowever, a manager has not yet been found.

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