The US Securities and Exchange Commission refuses to release documents on employees “insiders of cryptocurrency”

Ripple vs. SEC: Amerikaanse SEC weigert documenten over werknemers vrij te geven

lawyers Ripple (XRP) Recently in the now famous lawsuit among Americans Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and one ripple made movement in which they wanted access to information about officials within the authority.

The information mainly relates to whether these officials are authorized to trade in XRP. According to Ripple, this information should confirm that even then, XRP is not what it is Safety, or security, as the Securities and Exchange Commission sees it.

Ripple has been under fire from the SEC for some time due to the claim that XRP was being traded as collateral. This is while Ripple did not have the necessary licenses for it.

SEC Weigert

The Securities and Exchange Commission has since responded to this Ripple move. They do not agree to this under any circumstances and have now lodged their protest with the court.

This protest argues, among other things, that providing information about employees within the SEC would be a serious breach of these individuals’ privacy.

Additionally, the Securities and Exchange Commission states that this information is completely irrelevant to the pending lawsuit. Regulations within the SEC are prepared by Ethics Board Office. They define what officials within the SEC can and cannot do when it comes to trading assets. However, these bylaws say nothing of whether or not Ripple is breaking laws, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This Ethics Board has since confirmed that XRP, Ether (ETH) employment Bitcoin (BTC) It was not on the list of prohibited assets. However, XRP was on the so-called “watch list”.

“The great importance of the privacy of SEC employees outweighs any benefit that disclosure brings.”

According to a lawyer and a prominent figure in the XRP community, James K. PhelanThe SEC is wrong here.

“The problem with the SEC is that they are wrong in both the facts and the law. However, I have not seen anything that has changed my mind that this lawsuit is going to last for so long.”

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