Fantastic football evening in Brazil

Een zeer opmerkelijke voetbalavond bij Brazilië - Argentinië

0:30 – In the “Fat Yesterday” section, lists the most important news of the previous evening. With a summary of everything you missed, you are up to date with the latest football news. These were the top news facts for Sunday, September 5th.

Chaos: Brazil and Argentina on strike by ‘illegal’ players
It’s currently very chaotic in Brazil. The country will play a World Cup qualifier against Argentina on Sunday evening, but the match has since been suspended. The reason for this is that there are four Premier League players in Argentina, while Brazilian regulations require that players from England be first placed in a fourteen-day quarantine. The match has been permanently suspended since then.

weird pictures: The duel between Argentina and Brazil has stopped

Brazil devises a ruse to weaken Argentina: a police raid
While European nations are currently doing everything they can to make the World Cup qualifiers a success, South America also has a beautiful poster in the program on Sunday night: Brazil vs Argentina. However, the Argentines’ preparations were severely disrupted, because the Brazilian police raided the players’ hotel. This is because Brazil does not agree with the way things are.

Italy, which specializes in sanctions, has failed and is again suffering from losing expensive points
On Sunday evening, Italy suffered a heavy loss of points in the World Cup qualifying series. The European champions were stuck in a goalless draw on a visit to Switzerland, in part because Jorginho saw a penalty saved by Jan Sommer. As a result, Switzerland has better cards at the moment in first place in Group C.

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Lukaku Party completes its victory over the orange executioner Czech Republic
Romelu Lukaku (28 years old) threw a party night. The Belgian striker played his 100th cap at home against the orange executioner in the Czech Republic and headed with a very quick goal. Striker Eden Hazard also played an excellent match in the World Cup qualifiers, which was by no means exciting 3-0.

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