The United States has a stricter policy for top transgender swimmers

The United States has a stricter policy for top transgender swimmers

The United States has changed its competitive swimming policy for transgender athletes. It will now be difficult for transgender swimmers to compete at the highest levels.

Professional swimmers in the United States who have undergone a male-to-female transition in the past are now required to meet more stringent requirements to participate in competitions. A three-member jury will decide from now on whether or not the previous move offers a disproportionate advantage. USA Swimming It says it is changing its policy to “maintain equal opportunity at the highest level”.

The jury, which will consist of three independent medical professionals, will determine whether the swimmer was awarded unfair advantages because of her previous male physical development. Swimmers will also have to undergo tests that measure the level of testosterone in their bodies at least 36 months before the start of the competition. This was one year ago.

USA SwimmingIt says it offers new measures to mitigate the benefits associated with male puberty and physiology. The highest-ranking woman will rank 536 on average in the same competition as men in 2021. This new policy supports equal opportunity at the highest levels of competition” USA Swimming in the current situation.

Leah Thomas

The new policy comes as controversy rages in the United States as top cross-country swimmer Leah Thomas breaks college championship records. Two anonymous co-workers and several parents said they thought it was an unfair competition. Olympic medalist Nancy Hoogscheid-Maccar has also reacted with criticism. She says, for example, that Thomas wasn’t a star before she moved on and that she is now. Hogshead-Makar appears to have an unfair advantage over its competitors.

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Leah Thomas prepares for swimming competition in Philadelphia
Photo: AP

Thomas’ teammates released an official statement on Tuesday supporting the player: “We want to express our full support for Leia and her transition. We value her as a person, teammate and friend. Olympic swimmer Brooke Ford also expressed her support: “I think it’s important to treat people with respect and dignity more than No award or record. That’s why I won’t have a problem facing Leah.”

Thomas himself has not yet spoken. “It’s not healthy for me to read about it and be involved in it, so I don’t. That’s all I have to say about it,” Thomas said in the podcast. swim swim.

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