The United States calls on its citizens to stop air travel to Curaçao

The United States ranks Curaçao as the most dangerous area and is marked in dark red at level 4 on the map due to the increased number of casualties. Americans are strongly advised not to travel to Curaçao. That data

The increase has been since mid-July, when there has been no infection on the island for several months. Although the numbers are well below their initial peak in April, most people are now vaccinated and there is no reason to leave Level 4 in the US.

Then, the Washington State Department revised the travel advice. The collapse of Curaçao, because American tourists are the main source of income. At the same time, not all Americans care.

Other Caribbean islands in the kingdom have less negative travel advice. Sabah and St Eustatius are rated level 1 (low risk), Bonaire level 2 (limited risk) and Aruba and St Morton level 3 (high risk, but no problem if you are fully vaccinated).

By the way, the Netherlands is classified as level 4, high risk, very long-term, but the consequences are minimal because American tourists are not important to the economy.

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