The United Kingdom invests over £ 100m in …

The United Kingdom invests over £ 100m in ...

The UK plans to invest more than 100 million pounds (about 111 million euros) in a new student exchange program after the country leaves the European Erasmus program.

Boris Johnson described Erasmus as expensive and chose not to participate anymore. The British want to create an alternative for their youth, named after British computer engineer Alan Turing.

The Turing program should give around 35,000 students the opportunity to study abroad as of September, according to the UK Department of Education. The program will receive £ 100 million for the 2021-22 academic year.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said, according to the Associated Press: “ We have developed a truly international program tailored to our priorities, offering value for money and fulfilling an important part of our commitment to take the UK to the next level. ” Palestinian Authority.

The program aims to support students from disadvantaged groups, according to the Ministry of Education.

Many young British and European academics lament the end of Erasmus. Even the Scottish leader, Nicolas Sturgeon, spoke of “cultural vandalism”.

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