The Umbrella Academy is the highest rated ever

The Umbrella Academy is the highest rated ever

Netflix has really had a hit with the superhero series, as it appears now.

Nielsen is now releasing ratings for streaming services for the first time. Superhero series Parachute Academy It appears to be the absolute top series in that overview. The second season of this has been running on Netflix since July 31 and since then the series has remained in the top ten. This success is now also reflected in Nielsen stats.

Nielsen began monitoring US Amazon Prime Video and Netflix ratings in August. It seems that Parachute Academy At least 3 billion minutes were streamed in the week they were broadcast online. That’s an insane amount: at least 57 centuries of broadcasting in a week. This is three times the second most popular series, shameless, Which was streamed for just over a billion minutes.

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Parachute Academy
Parachute Academy It hasn’t been awarded the third season of Netflix. Remarkably, it remains to be seen for now whether the series will continue. We still assume: The show is too popular to be stopped. But after more than a month, we expected something new from Netflix.

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Incidentally, Nielsen is also including streaming services like Hulu and Disney + in his public offering. So in the future, there are still interesting things to report about Signage Watch numbers!

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