The UAE.. The Public Prosecution orders the imprisonment of a media person for committing crimes while covering the UAE-Iraq match



The Federal Prosecution of Information Technology Crimes in the Emirates has ordered the imprisonment of a media person and the release of others with a guarantee after investigation, for crimes they committed while covering the match between the UAE and Iraq teams.

The prosecution said that while they were covering the match of the UAE and Iraqi national teams last week on Abu Dhabi Sports Channel in the trial period before broadcasting live on the air, they came with an act and statement that would violate public morals, and they published through the information network what would prejudice public morals, and broadcast propaganda provoking what would harm the public interest, and they provoked hate speech.

The prosecution added that they are crimes whose punishment ranges between imprisonment for a period of no less than five years and a fine of no less than five hundred thousand dirhams, and between imprisonment and a fine of not more than fifty thousand dirhams.

In the details, the Public Prosecution received a complaint from the Abu Dhabi Media Company against the aforementioned and an unknown one, after circulating video clips on some social networking sites showing the aforementioned, in audio and video, exchanging conversations among themselves during the period of experimenting with technical devices before the live media appearance on Abu Dhabi sports channels and in the studio segment. The analysis of the match between the UAE national football team and the Republic of Iraq football team, and their uttering of the aforementioned words and phrases, which harms the public interest of the state.

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Abu Dhabi Media Company also reported that the broadcast sent from the broadcast vehicle of the analytical studio to the broadcast reception unit in the TV building was hacked, and the published clips were seized and broadcast on accounts on some social networking sites on the Internet.

After the Public Prosecution began investigating the accused and took the aforementioned decisions, it ordered the summoning of those responsible for Abu Dhabi sports channels and programs to complete the investigations, and assigned the responsible technical authorities to determine how the breach occurred, who carried it out, seized it and the tools he used, and investigations into the incident are still ongoing.

For its part, Abu Dhabi Media Company terminated the services of the three media professionals as a disciplinary penalty for violating the Media Code of Honor, the ethics of the media profession and the job duties of the profession.

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