Fittipaldi on the Formula 1 calendar with 23 races: ‘madness’

Fittipaldi on the Formula 1 calendar with 23 races: 'madness'

The FIA ​​recently announced the Formula 1 calendar for next year with a record 23 races. New is the Miami Grand Prix, scheduled for May 8. The sport is also planning a return to Australia, Canada, Singapore and Japan, countries where last year and this year races could not be held due to the coronavirus.

Emerson Fittipaldi describes the 2022 calendar as crazy. “I don’t know how drivers operate these days with 22 races on the calendar. That’s too much. Next year there will be 23. Madness,” the 72 and 1974 world champion said during one of the days Structured interview. “Think about how much travel, how much jet lag. And how much time they spend away from their families.”

“It’s a tough life. Not only for the drivers, but also for the mechanics and everyone in the team,” Fittipaldi continued. “It’s very difficult to work in Formula 1 these days. You have to be very committed. You have to count the number of days these people spend on the road during the season and the number of days they spend at home. In my day we had fourteen or fifteen races on the calendar.” .

However, during the time the Brazilian was driving in Formula 1, more was tested. Today, the tests have been severely curtailed, but according to Fittipaldi, there is still a significant workload. “We’ve had a lot of testing between races. It’s a lot less now. Instead, they go to the simulator, they have to train and they have all kinds of other commitments between the Grand Prix. It’s not easy these days.”

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However, Fittipaldi, who has lived in Florida for a long time, praised the fact that the second race is in the US with next year’s Miami Grand Prix. “They’re also trying to get the third Grand Prix in America,” he says. “Liberty Media wants Formula 1 to catch up with the general public there. Thanks to social media and Netflix, a young generation of fans has already emerged in America. There are now teenagers watching Formula 1 who have never seen before. I think it is very important for the future of Formula 1 to increase The numbers are in America. There are many potential sponsors out there.”

For this reason, Fittipaldi is also excited about a deal that appears imminent between Andretti Autosport and Sauber, which operates the Alfa Romeo team in Formula 1. “To make Formula 1 great in America, you need more racing and an American rider,” Fittipaldi said. “If it all started on Earth, I’m sure Michael [Andretti] They want to get an American driver.”

Fittipaldi, whose son Emmo Jr. He is part of the Sauber Junior Team, and also believes that the Hinwil formation in Switzerland can move forward on the grid with the help of Andretti. “Absolute. Of course there are already many competent and highly experienced people working there. Fredrik Wasser is a great team manager. But I am sure that thanks to Michael’s experience, a competitive team can be built for years to come.”

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