The trick is to evade the controls

The trick is to evade the controls

Check out the WhatsApp trick to remove blue ticks. Let’s see how to activate the trick that allows you to evade the controls.

How to disable blue ticks in the app (via screenshot)

The WhatsApp It is still the leading instant messaging service in the world today. .’s app Menlo Park During this year it has been renovated several times, with new functions and aesthetic features. Big problem, however, is still defending aggregate. Indeed, even today there are millions of users who despise “blue nails, This is to check that the message has been read. But there is a way to get rid of these ticks.

In fact, to completely eliminate the blue tick, you will have to climb Settings and then chat NS ‘Disable read confirmationThe only difference between iOS e Android It remains only to put access to the settings. In fact, while on Android we find them in the upper right, on the iPhone we will find the access in the lower right. We remind you that the read confirmation, in this way, will not be displayed either for sent messages or for those received.

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WhatsApp, you can now customize the stickers in the app: great news is coming

The WhatsApp
What happens inside the messaging app (via screenshot)

The WhatsApp It is definitely the most popular messaging app in the world. Actually they are More than 2 billion users Active in service dead. Soon, a new update will revolutionize the app and allow users to do more customization. I’m coming to WhatsApp personalized stickers. In fact, until now, the “stickers” that would be used in the chat had to be created through the use of other applications, but soon The job will become internal.

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This means that users will soon be able to Create and edit stickers Within the application itself. You can then add another writing or sticker so that the image or file is cut out emoji. Thus, the application reinforces its leadership position within the social giant dead. At the moment the update is only available for web version. But soon Meta will also add it to Smartphone iOS e Android.

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