The Too Good To Go program extends to Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and San Francisco

The Too Good To Go program extends to Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and San Francisco

Last year, the Too Good To Go waste control platform took its first steps outside of Europe. In September, the first meals in New York and Boston were preserved. Thursday, February 11th, more than 85,000 meals preserved later, the company announced that it would expand further into the United States. Too Good To Go kicks off in Philadelphia in February, follows Washington, DC in March, and finally the first meal will be saved in San Francisco in April. And it doesn’t stop there. Too Good To Go today expresses its ambition to be active in several major cities in the United States by the end of 2021. A team has been formed in Washington, DC and Philadelphia to support other cities on the East Coast from there.

Food waste is responsible for 8-10% of all greenhouse gases worldwide Too Good To Go is working with 50,000 restaurants, bakers, supermarkets and hotels in 15 countries to take action against the matter. Through the app, consumers can supply food from these partners that would otherwise have been discarded at the end of the day. The company was established in Denmark in 2015. The branch was added in the Netherlands in January 2018 as it is the seventh branch and now has 4,500 affiliated partners. Last month, on the company’s third anniversary in the Netherlands, the 6 millionth meal was saved from waste.

Growth ambitions in 2021
In the United States, 40% of food is lost every year, versus the global average of 30%. By the end of 2021, Too Good To Go aims to have 8,000 partners and 2 million users in the US to provide food together through the app. Globally, the goal is to save 65 million meals this year from going to the trash. In the Netherlands, Too Good To Go wants to add another 6 million meals to the 6 million meals saved so far this year. The global team of 800 employees is expected to expand this year to 350 new employees.

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Joost Rietveld, Country Manager, Too Good To Go Netherlands: “With the launch success in New York, Boston and Jersey City, expansion to the East Coast seems a natural step. With 32 million users and 50,000 affiliate partners in 15 countries, we know that there is a lot of interest in our solution. This year we will do everything we can to make fighting food waste in as many places as possible as easy as possible.

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