French Tezos Blockchain Updates – Transactional Anonymity, The New El Dorado of Cryptocurrencies?

French Tezos Blockchain Updates - Transactional Anonymity, The New El Dorado of Cryptocurrencies?

Tezos wants to overshadow Ethereum – Popular French blockchain chain Tezos has launched its “Edo” update. In addition to some minor bug fixes, this fix aims to bring a number of privacy-friendly features onto the network.

Looking for anonymity?

The Edo modernization development It started in December 2020Only a few weeks after Previous Delphi update posted.

As usual, the Tezos teams would like to be reminded with every update that the Tezos network is one of the blockchain networks with the most updates.

“ The Tezos blockchain is currently allowing for protocol updates every several months, and we intend, in the near future, to capitalize on all of these possibilities, and quickly integrate the best technology available into Tezos. »

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Improvements at all levels

In fact, the Edo update contains Minor bug fixes And miscellaneous Improvements About the Gas costs. Plus, more advanced functions complete the newsletter catalog.

First of all, we find ‘Accreditation period’ (Period of adoption), Which is a period of time before protocol evolution is published. In fact, until now, the changes were implemented immediately after they were voted on, which sometimes resulted in it Temporary upgrade issues On the web.

Additionally, it offers the Edo update Sapling, Which is a feature associated with smart contracts, which will apply to various applications, such as vote Or support asset transactions with Selective disclosuresThey are anonymous transactions.

Finally, Edo offers an «Tickets», Which is currently only available in trial version. This is a mechanism that allows smart contracts to grant permissions to other smart contracts or to issue tokens.

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Long struggle

In addition to these improvements On the chain From the protocol, Solutions From Second layer Developer on Tezos is also evolving towards more than Privacy by design.

So Boltt Factor It has just revealed a solution for an application Zk channels (Zero Knowledge Channel) which should allow for anonymous conversions. This feature will be available directly with USDtz stablecoin, as well as all of StableTez’s assets, i.e. the token versions of BTC, ETH and soon the Euro and Gold.

As Ethereum grapples with its transaction fees, Tezos continues to develop more innovative solutions in hopes of overcoming the queen of smart contract chains.

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