The Texas family is doing Covid-19 PSA around large family gatherings after 15 people contract the virus

The Texas family is doing Covid-19 PSA around large family gatherings after 15 people contract the virus

It is customary for many families to gather during Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season. But with the spread of the global Coronavirus pandemic, these gatherings can turn Thanksgiving dinner into a super-popular event.

The Aragonez family is now living with the aftermath of a large family gathering on November 1; 15 members of the Aragonese family in Arlington, Texas, have tested positive for coronavirus.

Alexa Aragonese said all 12 people who were at the meeting tested positive for Covid-19 – four lived at home and eight were on a visit. She said these family members were subsequently injured by three others, bringing the total to 15.

Aragonese, as an employee of Arlington’s Communications and Legislative Affairs department, said she saw an opportunity to make the family outbreak an educational moment.

Of her family, she said, “We know we sinned because we let our guard down.” “We are not different from many families.”

Aragonese said they felt comfortable and ended up paying the price.

Although she said her family had taken many precautions elsewhere, they stayed indoors and weren’t wearing masks during the big family gathering. Covid-19 is more likely to spread indoors than outside, according to health officials, who have also recommended that people wear masks indoors when they are around people who do not live indoors.

At first, Aragonese said, the family was skeptical about the idea of ​​making the PSA work, but after some persuasion, the family understood what they could do.

“It’s in English and Spanish,” she told CNN. “We need to make sure that we communicate in many ways, and move the heart strings for both of them.”

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Her mother, Enriqueta, participated in a PSA even while she was hospitalized with pneumonia, which had developed throughout her lungs.

“We’re doing better,” Alexa Aragonese told CNN. “My family is recovering slowly but definitely hoping.”

Enriqueta is out of hospital but still suffering from COVID-19 symptoms and isolation from the rest of the family, according to her daughter.

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