Shadowlands get you epic Lo-Fi beats

Shadowlands get you epic Lo-Fi beats

For many players, World of Warcraft It is a very specific type of escape, as it makes it easy to dive into its complex fictional world. This week, the franchise is set to get a new extension with World of Warcraft: ShadowlandsA new expansion has been highly anticipated among fans for some time. In celebration of the game’s release, Blizzard Entertainment first launched a creative look at its world, aided by the increasingly popular trend of lo-fi rhythms. Blizzard has released four brief “remixes” from Shadowlands‘soundcape, each highlighting a different circuit theme from the game.

These include Bastion remixes courtesy of Bishop Nehru, Revendreth remixes courtesy of Josh Carter, Ardenweald remix by Effie, and Maldraxxus remix by Casiio.

While the redistributes are a lot shorter than the usual all-day or never-ending playlist, they still give you the same feeling of relaxation or production. It also provides a window into the sprawl world Shadowlands, Which is something fans will finally experience after a short delay.

“Since we first told you about our decision to delay, we have used the time to further refine expansion and end-game support, including combat overhaul and rewards in Maw, and reworking the covenant systems to make your choice more immediately,” said John Hite, Executive Producer of World of Warcraft, in an announcement When the new release date was announced, be influential and have clearer long-term goals. ”The team is now in a great position to take matters to what’s left of the way to the finish line before November 23 – and as always, we are committed to working with you to improve the game as long as you are there running it “.

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“Now that we have a launch date, we are also pleased to inform you that our pre-launch event will begin on November 10, so be prepared for a deluge of scourge,” Hight’s statement continued. “Additionally, we have set December 8 as the date for the opening of our first raid, Castle Nathria – which takes players into the heart of Sire Denathrius’ den in Revendreth – along with the start of the first season of Shadowlands.”

What do you think about these official lo-fi remixes World of Warcraft: Shadowlands? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Now available for PC and Mac. You can check out all our previous coverage of the popular MMO here.

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