The target language gets you a second round

The target language gets you a second round

ITV has commissioned a second Lingo Series for Objective Media Group Entertainment.

Host Adil Ray OBE returns to head over 60 x 60 episodes of this fast word game

Lingo sees three teams of participants competing against each other to fill in the blanks and find words. Over the course of a series of rounds, the prize money increases, but the stakes also increase – you don’t find the right word and your opponent gets a chance to jump and take the money. At the end of the game, the last surviving spouse can double his prize money, but if he cannot find the words, he will not be able to return home with anything.

Ben Sheppard and Ed de Berg of OMG Entertainment added, “We are over the moon because the viewers are enjoying the show and there is a lot of love for the terminology! We can’t wait to start making more. Question: Do you know your language ?!”

ITV Channel Editor Lara Akijo said: “I am delighted to offer viewers more opportunities to play alongside this great show.

The Lingo format contains more than 500 episodes in the United States and has been broadcast in France and the Netherlands for nearly three decades.

Lingo was reassigned by ITV Chief Entertainment Katie Raucliffe and ITV Editor-in-Chief Lara Akigo. Lingo is an IDTV (All3Media) and Talpa TV format distributed by All3Media International. The series was produced by OMG Entertainment outside Manchester and headquartered in Objective Media Group North, for ITV. The executive producers are Andrew Cartmel, Ed de Berg, and Ben Sheppard for OMG Entertainment and Pam Kavanagh for OMG North. The target media group is All3Media.

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