The stylus wouldn’t be the only thing the S21 series would borrow from the Note series. In some markets, a charger will be included

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In just two weeks, Samsung will officially present the new Galaxy S21 series, about which we already know almost everything – printing photos and hardware parameters as well as the official video and real photos that were previously leaked to the Internet. It is also widely reported that Samsung will not add a charging adapter to the package, similar to the example of Apple (and now also Xiaomi).

Samsung Galaxy S21 a S21 +

Another novelty in the Galaxy S21 series is support for the S Pen, which was previously a specialty of the Galaxy Note smartphones. But the pen won’t be the only thing this year’s news will borrow from the Note series. The second, and unfortunately not very positive, is the lack of a memory card slot – it should be missing on all three models. The Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 + will provide an internal storage capacity of 256GB, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra should have 512GB of memory.

Galaxy S21 Ultra 3
Galaxy S21 Ultra camera details

Mind losing the charger in the package when buying a new phone?

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At least that’s what the leak says Roland QuandtWhich took care of publishing specifications and printing photos for the Galaxy S21 series (and did the same for the Galaxy S20 series last year). Roland also claims Samsung will offer phones in select markets, including an adapter, but we don’t know yet the country list. In the poll, can you vote if not having a charger is an issue for you or do you mind?

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