The SSP’s bishops, Rachael Lopez, continue to hold office

The SSP's bishops, Rachael Lopez, continue to hold office

Among the victims already recorded by the agency is the body of Karina Sucida in the State Roads Directorate; By Pedro Toro Peña, now former Undersecretary for Police Coordination and Operations as well as other middle managers of areas of operations in the State Police

Although they have already left Department of Public Security Former head of state Russell Lopez Salazar, leaders of road and intelligence, and others remain part of the agency.

At the same time, the David Ardelio Vargas Carrillo arrives – The son of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, Ardelio Vargas Fosado – in BC.Sub-Secretariat for Police Administration and Development Based on Lydia Gomez-Santillan to me Intelligence agent.

Among the victims already recorded by the agency, Karina Sucida, is a direction State Highway; Pedro Toro Peña, now former Under Secretary Coordination and police operations In addition to other Central District Managers Operations in the State Police.

Raciel network has not been dismantled

The network that Raciel López Salazar spun into SSP has yet to be completely dismantled and as of Saturday, several profiles related to Chiapas persisted on their sites.

They stand out among them Gamaliel Ortega, Who holds the position of director of preventive measures and state procedural police, as well Paula Yazmin Poraz GarciaHe is the Deputy Director of State Procedures Police.

Paula Yazmin has recently assumed her duties, directly from the civil service in Chiapas and under the direct appointment of Russell Lopez Salazar.

Who is still, until now, in his position is Nancy Benitez Repolo, who came in May of last year to Auxiliary police To replace Ildefonso Amizaga Ramirez, Who was relegated to the position with the appointment of Russell Lopez.

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Benitez Ripollo has been accused of multiple acts of corruption, safeguarded mainly by the close relationship she was supposed to have with former secretary Russell Lopez.

None of these controls were notified They should give up their office, Although this does not mean that with the appointment of the new head of SSP in the coming days, they will continue.

Lopez with Maya with no possibility to take charge of SSP

With the sudden departure of Raciel López Salazar (allegedly due to acts of corruption and extortion that finally reached the ears of Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta), the state government appointed Office manager in the person of Rogelio Lopez Maya.

This character is closely related to Ardelio Vargas Fosado, the current Under Secretary of the Interior. Lopez worked Maya as president of The National Institute for Migration Trust Assessment and Control Center (INM) while managing Ardelio Vargas Fosado in the dependency.

Before that, he was Director of the Center for the Evaluation and Control of Confidence (CECC) of the Office of the Prosecutor General (PGR), when Arturo Chávez, Marisela Morales Ibáñez and Jess Murillo Karam were at the helm of that body, between 2009 and 2011.

These credentials will not be sufficient to continue to lead the SSP as Ardelio Vargas Fosado promotes Carla Morales Aguilar to the position.

Morales Aguilar already held the position now held by Ardelio Vargas’ son in Under Secretary of Administration and Police Development, who resigned so Governor Miguel Barbosa could promote him as Minister of Citizen Security in Puebla Municipality, which ultimately did not happen.

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The President appointed by Governor Barbosa for the Government of Southern Sudan will be the third in his government to hold this position and will be the fifteenth substitute in his government.

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