Flying horses in Switzerland –

Flying horses in Switzerland -

In the Jura canton, Switzerland, horses are suspended under a helicopter at a high altitude this weekend. It was an exercise in rescue operations for the Swiss Army. The Swiss use horses to move around. Animals, for example, carry equipment over mountains. If an animal gets infected or gets sick, they want to be able to deploy helicopters.

Also in the event of natural disasters, it may be necessary to transport animals by helicopter. In Switzerland, for example, cows are also sometimes evacuated during landslides or avalanches in the mountains. The tests were part of a study conducted by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Zurich and the Armed Forces Veterinary Service.

Super Puma

“The goal is to transport a horse to an animal hospital or equine clinic within a maximum of four hours,” said Colonel Stephane Montafon, Head of the Military Veterinary Service. Air Force Super Puma helicopters can make this possible. During the exercise, transport and exercise times for the horses were as short as possible.

under control

A total of twelve horses were transported, with the animals suspended in belts under the helicopter. He flew at speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour! The experts were also trained to raise and lower the animals with care. Veterinarians supervised the exercise and the horses were given sedative medications.

Pictures of the exercise can be viewed here.

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