The Scary Spider Web in Missouri appears large enough to ‘catch’ a human | The world / nation

The Scary Spider Web in Missouri appears large enough to 'catch' a human |  The world / nation

A Missouri Conservation Department employee snapped a photo of a huge spider web, and followers of the department on social media could only comment on his fearsome appearance.

The complex circular grid is created between two trees, and the perspective of the image makes it look massive.

The web was created by the orb weaver spider, which is a spider known for its intricate web designs. They are quite large – about a half an inch for a female – and are usually hairy or furry, according to the department’s website. Spiders help control the numbers of flies and other annoying insects, but that’s not the first thing that comes to mind.

Facebook users commented on the suitability of seeing an orb network of this size in October, and one mentioned that it was “the kind that literally” captures “people if they walk through it at night.

Others expressed their feelings for the spider, while appreciating his beautiful work. Several comments mentioned finding a new place to live, while many joked that the photo should have included a disclaimer for those who are afraid of spiders.

But others found beauty in a spider’s web, with one user saying it reminded her of a piece of lace. Another user said it’s a reincarnation at work: “Christo is back like a weaving spider!” In reference to the conceptual artist who passed away early this year.

While these spiders are very common, they definitely get Halloween fans in the mood for the season.

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