America vs Pumas: Live Online Streaming & Updates (1-1) | 10/03/2020


45 ‘

Mail! Phineas made a big pass, entered the area alone and shot hard, but the ball did not enter.

42 ‘

Gonzalez cuts the ball well after a close-range corner kick.

38 ‘America’s goal

Benedetti hit the area and crossed his shot to defeat the Pumas goalkeeper with his right leg.

35 ‘

A long-range shot by Dinenno cut Jimenez well.

28 ‘Pumas goal

Center from the right bar that controls and terminates Vigon with the intersection of the right leg with Jimenez.

27 ‘

Martin’s single shot hit the area but fired a loose shot that Gonzales had captured.

20 ‘

An impressive save for Oscar Jimenez on the right side of Pumas.

14 ‘

A wonderful save for Oscar Jimenez after a powerful shot from Waller.

11 ‘

Martin’s shot without a goalkeeper but sends it to the side of the goal.

7 ‘

Santiago Caceres’s shot is a corner kick fired from the side of the goal.

5 ‘

Free shot Oscar Jimenez got with his fists.

0 ‘

DC classics begins at Azteca Stadium.

America is also preparing in the Aztec stadium

Eagles in their traditional costume

America’s lineup

Many players lost in America against Pumas

America dominates the Aztecs in the short tournaments

The match without goalkeepers

Good evening, Favel fans

The last match between America and Pumas

It was in the ninth round of Clausura 2020, along with the strength of strength, as Pumas had already achieved a goal victory via Denino in the 87th minute but did not count on Henry Martin to equalize in the 94th minute.

Where and how to watch live broadcasts of America vs Pumas

If you want to watch TV broadcasts, you will find it on Univisión and TUDN USA.
If you prefer to follow it directly online, VAVEL USA is your best option.

Pumas latest lineup

Julio Gonzalez, Alain Muzo, Johan Vásquez, Nicolas Freire, Alejandro Mayorga, Eric Lyra or Andres Inestra, Favio Alvarez, Juan Manuel Iturbi, Carlos Gutierrez, Carlos Gonzalez, and Ignacio Denino.

America’s last lineup

Jimenez. Aguilar, Aguilera, Caceres, Fuentes, Sanchez; Sanchez, Cordova, Benedetti; Dos Santos and Martin.

The main player in Pumas

Pumas lost unbeaten and some points

Águilas will try to outrun the away team

Team “Piojo” Herrera will try to add three units that place them among the first places in the overall roster.

Mexico City Derby

The rivalry between the two teams, which began in 1962, was increasing more and more and there was always doubt as to whether it could be considered a classic.

America vs Pumas at kick-off time

Welcome to’s live coverage of Guard1anes 2020: América vs Pumas Live!

My name is Alan Nunez and I will be your host for this game.
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