The royal house cost more than 50 million dollars for the first time | Prince’s Day 2022

The royal house cost more than 50 million dollars for the first time |  Prince's Day 2022

The spending of the royal family will exceed 50 million for the first time next year: 50.169 million euros. Last year it was 48.2 million.

Under the Royal Household Financial Status Act (WFSKH), four members of the royal family receive constitutional benefits. Not only the King, but his wife, predecessor Beatrix, and successor Princess Amalia.

The benefits paid to members of the royal family now amount to nearly 11 million euros. That was 10.5 million last year. These incomes are linked to an increase in civil servant salaries.

The functional expenses of the king are estimated at 32.2 million euros, and the expenses transferred to other budgets amount to 7 million.

The king spends more than a million in income

The king will receive 6.4 million euros this year. Component A is his personal income: 1,035,000 euros. That was 1 million this year. The rest of the amount, €5.4 million, is spent on Component B: expenditure on personnel and material expenditures. This includes the costs of the Royal House Service’s fleet of vehicles.

Queen Maxima receives 411 thousand euros in income, which was 400,000 euros last year. You will receive €700,000 to cover personnel and material expenses.

In addition to AOW, Princess Beatrix will receive 585 thousand euros in income. 1.154 million allocated to personnel and material expenses. AOW gives them to charities. This also happened with AOW for her husband Prince Claus.

Princess Amalia walked off the coach while Willem-Alexander was about to do so. © Pim Ras Photography

Amalia’s return

The most intriguing repayment is the 1.7 million euros that were allocated in the Amalia budget. It will receive 307 thousand euros in income and 1.4 million for component B for personnel and equipment. She doesn’t want it, but she has to have it anyway.

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And Amalia indicated in a letter to Prime Minister Mark Rutte last summer that she finds it inappropriate to receive such an amount, because she is studying and will not give anything in return. “So I will refund the income until the end of my studies.”

It appears that the Ministry of Finance is not in a position not to deposit that money. It is deposited in the constitution. If Amalia gets her cash every month, she has to give it back nine times by now. She can perform this work every month until the summer of 2027, when her studies are over.

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