Foreign correspondents are back in the Netherlands for an exciting period and week for Xander van der Wulp / Villamedia

An astonishing number of foreign correspondents have set foot on Dutch soil again this week. A very exciting week has begun for Xander van der Wulp – and then Prinsjesdag still has to happen. This and much more at Our Kind of People, where Villamedia follows journalists on social media. Follow Villamedia on Instagram too

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“You wouldn’t have visited Rio if you hadn’t said goodbye to Cristo Redentor,” EenVandaag host Lammerte de Bruyne told EenVandaag

Moscow’s reporter, Iris de Graaf, has been in the Netherlands for a week

Fatma Warsam was in Sardinia again

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Nikki Hare went out to dinner in Utrecht

Xander van der Wulp has an eventful week ahead

Jordi De Jong, RTV Utrecht reporter, imitated Mad Max

Jan Postma, De Telegraaf’s US correspondent, also returned to Dutch soil for a while

Radio presenter Astrid de Jong has a special role in 50+

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Ronak Khudri walked with her colleagues from Het Parool de Dam to Damloop in Amsterdam

Jeroen Akkermans, RTL Nieuws’ Berlin and Eastern Europe correspondent, has also returned to the Netherlands for a while.

Happy Sunday by Marieki Elsinga

Welland van Dyck, the foreign editor at the NRC, enjoyed the Western Scheldt newspaper. At least it wasn’t raining

Strange Valley for Ernst Jan Pfauth

And finally the “photo dump” of the second broadcast week of De Avondshow with Arjen Lubach

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