The road to Tirana: Jahanbakhsh lives up to initial expectations

The road to Tirana: Jahanbakhsh lives up to initial expectations

The Dutch league season is over. Feyenoord finished third and is already certain anyway from the last preliminary round of the Europa League. But Rotterdam and Het Leguen want more: a win against Roma in Tirana. Eight more days.

In the department The road to Tirana recalls the European season in which Feyenoord wrote history several times. From semi-elimination against FC Drita, to reaching the final in “The Inferno of Marseille”.

Raise the big man again

After the nerve-wracking match in De Kuip against FC Drita (3-2) exactly a week ago, Feyenoord will play FC Luzern, as Jordy Wehrmann just left for good. It’s the second round of the Conference League, but it’s also August 8, 2021. The competition will start in just a week, and Arn Slott and Frank Arnesen are still far from the standings. Many incoming and outgoing transfers have yet to be made. However, Feyenoord has to take a big step into the third qualifying round today for FC Lucerne’s visit.

Rotterdam have just attracted 29-year-old Austrian defender Gernot Trauner from LASK Linz. It should make Eric Butygin forget, but above all relieve Leroy Veer of his place in the center of defence. Trauner starts right away at the base in Switzerland, as does Alireza Jahanbakhsh. With the opponent, former Feyenoord player Wehrmann plays on the bench.

It only took nine minutes before Guus Til found the net. After his two goals against FC Drita, he opened the scoring again and is – indeed – deserving of gold for Feyenoord. After only half an hour he became accurate again and put Feyenoord in a 0-2 draw through a smart ball on goalkeeper Vasu Vasic. In the final stage of the match, Luis Sinistera took advantage of a blunder from the same goalkeeper and put the final score on the board: 0-3.

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Aperture is somewhat satisfied then. “It gives us a good starting position for next week. What I expect from the players is that they always give their best to get a result. Against FC Drita, it was with less play, but then I saw a team that wanted to fight for it. Tonight they did it once. Others, fortunately, have played better too.” “However, there is always room for improvement with the coach, even with the away win in Europe.” Then I get angry again because the player at 0-3 does a trick that gives us another chance. Overall, an excellent performance, we can continue to do so.”

Feyenoord assortment

Bigelow. Pedersen, Trauner, Senese, Malacia; Toornstra, Til, Kökcu (78′ Fer); Jahanbakhsh (Buzhnik 74), Linsen, Sinistra (88 minutes)

Jahanbakhsh lives up to first expectations

On August 12, Feyenoord should get the job done at home. In sunny Kuip, the Rotterdammers start with the same eleven as in Switzerland. Jahanbakhsh, who starts in the starting line-up for the second time in a row at De Koep, lives up to the first expectations. The striker was sent off by Sinisterra in the ninth minute and then hit the ball convincingly. Half an hour later there was a lot of pressure from Marcus Pedersen who grabbed the ball and once again put Jahanbakhsh back into the scoring position. The Iranian puts the ball in readiness and shoots it into the goal with a line: 2-0.

Three minutes into the first half, Sinisterra does only what he can decide on the match. The score over two games is now 6-0, so the Slot can give some of the boys a rest and give the young players their official debut. This is how Anthony Milambo and Lenard Hartgis scored the first official minutes in Feyenoord 1. Novel Banes also got a chance to show himself.

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The coach is satisfied with the team’s performance. “They exceeded my expectations. They dived in from the first second and created one opportunity after another. It was a really long wait until the score went 2-0 down. They were very accurate with the ball, but I have to say that a little longer. I also think that’s why In it is that they are getting fitter.”

“Without the ball, they put in another great performance today. I have the impression we didn’t give up a chance, while we played a lot in the half, Slot is free. Rotterdam is convinced, you simply put Lucerne aside and you just have to eliminate Sweden’s Elfsburg to reach the group stage of the League conferences.

Feyenoord assortment

Bigelow. Pedersen, Trauner, Senesi, Malacia (57′ Haps); Toornstra, Til (76′ Milambo), Kökcü (58′ Hearts); Jahanbakhsh (Boznik 42), Linsen, Sinistra (77 Banez)

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