Great success for Pickleball Clinics in Hoogeveen Municipality – Hoogeveen Region News

Great success for Pickleball Clinics in Hoogeveen Municipality - Hoogeveen Region News

Online sports platform Sportloaded and have joined forces. They do this, among other things, by drawing the attention of young people to the new sport of pickle ball. Pickleball clinics have been set up at various elementary schools last week and have been a huge success. Students from Kofschip, Het Element and De Regenboog, among others, were introduced to the sport. Things have gone very well.

Pickleball is a new sport that came from the United States. The sport is a mixture of tennis, swing and badminton. This sport is played in pairs and the ball is hit with a strong racket. Points are scored in the same way as in tennis and swing. Sport is known for its many benefits and speed of play. There are already more than four million players in America and the number of players in the Netherlands is expected to grow exponentially.

The (elementary) school students in Hoogeveen who were introduced to the new sport of pickle ball were mostly enthusiastic. Unlike other racket sports, this sport can be learned quickly. This allows students to play a competitive match at the end of the clinic. “The sport is very easy and fun to play. As far as we’re concerned, it’s definitely worth repeating,” says subject teacher Roy Winderich of Het Element Elementary School.

Get to know the Kelball for yourself

Pickle Ball is a game for young and old, trained and untrained and everyone who loves to get busy. Getting to know the sport of pickle ball can be very easy. Two pickle ball courts will officially open in Hollandsheveld on May 29, and on July 9, Sportloaded will play the dark pickle ball tournament at the Het Activum gym in Hoogeveen. You can sign up for this via the link below:

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