The result of the Barcelona and Getafe match and what we learned

The result of the Barcelona and Getafe match and what we learned

At the Coliseum Alfonso Perez on Saturday, Barcelona faced Getafe in the Spanish League. Here’s the result, what happened, and what we learned from the draw.

Big Changes from Ronald Koeman

The local press thought Koeman would not comfort any player yet, but he did, and also changed the squad.

Sergino Dest had to make his debut at left-back anyway, due to Jordi Alba’s injury. However, there was also a start in 2020/2021 for Osman Dembele and Pedri in 4-3-3.

Simple 10-minute opening

There are no clear opportunities for either side, but there were some promising signs in a pair of runs that Dembele and Messi managed to pull off, with the latter twisting the players inside and out.

Before the match begins, open up

Getafe led up with Nemanja Maximovic, who had space but fired directly on Neto in the 18th minute.

But then, the gentle act of Pedri saw him find Dest on the edge of the box, which was starting to come alone. The American released him to his captain, who was allowed to tear off with a trademark curled blow that knocked down the woodwork.

Three cards in less than 30 minutes

And at the rate this was going on the physical side of things, the red card seemed to have been a gift at some point. For many, the hosts should have reduced their number to nine men as Alan Neum and Eric Capaco were particularly involved in controversial incidents involving Messi crushing the former elbow.

Antoine Griezmann hit the bar

Dembele was criticized for a heavy first touch and a foul on an earlier break, but the next day he made the pass right at Messi squared who caught the other Frenchman running on target.

Unable to maintain his goal and revive the trend of Barcelona account opening in 2019/2020, I still instinctively did not escape the goal in this campaign.

Each square in half the time

The positives were the Pedri effect and the increased confidence of Dest, but it was Blues Griezmann and Dembele left the side down. They are clearly low in spirits and it looks like they’ll be the first husband hooked by Kuman in the second installment.

The worst possible start to the next 45

It took about 10 minutes after the referee whistled at the start of the second half, but when de Jong overthrew Benum, who was already supposed to be fired from the proceedings, Getafe was awarded a penalty kick over Jaime Mata.

Barcelona trailed in the second game in a row

Luke de Jong scored early for Sevilla in the last round, before Philippe Coutinho almost immediately equalized, it would be another test of Coman’s team character just over an hour ago.

Ansu Fati and Philippe Coutinho were Cooman’s first changes

Rightly cut Dembele, Griezmann escaped execution at Pedri’s account. Let’s see what the superstar performers can bring up to date in the Dream Team Legend era.

Fati struck one bone, and Neom apparently had one to pick

Fati stood over the teen and yelled after one fight, and also tried a long-range shot.

In the end, Neom finally goes to the book to make a mistake on Sergio Busquets.

There was very little fighting in Barcelona

He struggled to build something after Mata’s goal, and it looked as if they didn’t know they were trailing 1-0.

Another secondary double for Koman

Pulling Griezmann out of his misery, Martin Braithwaite also got rare access and joined by Francisco Trinkau as de Jong knocked out the left stage.


With Busquets the only remaining midfielder, Barcelona had to break here with as much firepower as possible.

Kocho made it two

Braithwaite gave the ball away in Getafe’s game with a misplaced pass to Trincao, and the resulting counter-kick to Cucho nearly punished the foul as Neto sent his shot into the crossbar.

Later, he was clean in goal after sprinting from the halfway line. But like Griezmann from a nearly identical place, he put a lot of power into his untargeted attempt.

Riqui Puig was the fifth and final change to Barcelona

With an extra three minutes remaining plus the added time, there wasn’t much chance of a La Masia fruit influence.

Six minutes of extra time. Nothing yet

Barcelona raised the stakes somewhat, as Jean Dakonam hit the bar in a moment of madness, but Getafe held on to the upset.

Barcelona missed a golden opportunity

Likewise, Real Madrid felt embarrassed by Cádiz earlier, as Bayern could enter El Clásico by three points at the top.

Instead, they finished ninth, though there were other opportunities to head to the top.

The run of the unbeaten team came to a halt, and Koeman tasted defeat on the eve of the biggest match in club football and the Champions League group stages.

Perhaps some are tired of their international duties, so the Dutchman needs to motivate his forces to hurry and get them back on the horse.

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