The Rainbow Movie Son of Rosie and Happy Summer!

The Rainbow Movie Son of Rosie and Happy Summer!

HeereNVEEN – In June, the Regenboogbelang Heerenveen Foundation will once again organize various activities.

Rainbow Specials premieres on Wednesday, June 8th son of rosie It can be seen and most recently on Friday 10 June Outside before summer vacation.

Every month a Rainbow Specials movie night is held at De Bios Heerenveen. This evening, you can watch one of the beautiful films from a wide range of LGBTI cinemas. This time you will receive free popcorn during the movie when you present your ticket. Afterwards there is a nice dinner with coffee and tea to talk about the movie. The movie will start on Wednesday, June 8 son of rosie to see. A heartwarming and honest movie about care and love.

Lorenz is a successful writer living in Berlin, but has recently been unable to get a book out of his hands. After a phone call from his sister in Switzerland, he left for his hometown. His mother, Rosie, had a stroke and needed help. It is not easy because she does not want to go to a nursing home and insists on living at home. Lorenz decided to stay, he might as well be good at writing again. But with a quirky mom like Rosie and your own midlife crisis, you almost forget that a new love interest can live soon!

On Friday 10 June, Meet and Greet is all about a happy summer.Fun evening with music, snack and drink at Lekkerzzz Heerenveen. For gay people and anyone who feels like an evening without boxes. doors are open from 8pm, all ages are welcome and admission is free.

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