With this exercise you get round buttocks

With this exercise you get round buttocks

Squats, lunges and deadlifts: we all do these exercises to be more agile and strong, but also to train our buttocks. But with which exercise do you really get round buttocks? According to sports expert Luke Worthington, this is the device with the pump frog.

frog pumps

Now that we’re back home, we regularly perform the kettlebell or gluteal bridge push-ups to get a round buttock. From now on we will also add the frog pump. This exercise is a bit like a gluteal bridge, except that you keep your feet pressed together as you perform the exercise.

With frog pumps, you train the large muscle group in the buttocks, also known as the butt muscles.


So why does a frog pump work better than a gluteal bridge or hip thrust? Luke Worthington, Head of Education Department At Third Space London (a well-known gym in the UK), he explains to women’s health† The movement you make while pumping the frog is slightly different than the movement you make with the gluteal bridge.

“This ensures better muscle activation compared to performing a regular bridge. This exercise activates both the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius for a rounder butt shape,” he explains.

We’ll immediately add the frog pump to our workout!

Source: Women’s Health Journal | Photo: iStock

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