The rain wreaks havoc in Xfinity Roval, and fans love it

The rain wreaks havoc in Xfinity Roval, and fans love it

On Saturday afternoon, the Xfinity Series Qualifiers continued with Drive For the Cure 250 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The event was not an oval race, as drivers steered into the road track. They did so when a torrential rain fell from the sky, which added a great deal of difficulty and danger to the race. Several cars exploded after hitting the stagnant water while others collided with the wall.

Precipitation in NASCAR generally causes long delays and red flags, but drivers can still participate in road track races while using windshield wipers and rain tires. When fans immersed themselves in the race, many of them expressed their enthusiasm for the events on the track. Many said they were very happy to continue racing without delay while others said drivers need to learn how to race in the rain in the oval races. But the excitement was not universal, with some people talking about the inherent danger.


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