The Problem of Racism in American Society: How to Deal With It


America’s sociopolitical status has escalated in the last few years. However, that’s not news for everyone. These circumstances have left a searing mark in people’s minds, from people of color being harassed on the streets to tragic events such as Geroge Floyd or Breonna Taylor’s passing.

At this point, everyone is aware that aggression is not the solution. Instead, people should embrace one another despite any differences. Self-expression and freedom of speech should be highlighted more often, as the justice system has previously failed numerous people.

While awareness about racism and discrimination has increased over the past few years, there is much to do still. However, that won’t take its own course unless everyone changes their mind about the situation. Despite all that, racism is present today, and there are multiple ways to deal with it and support the need for equal rights everywhere.

1. Speak Up in Your Community

Being complacent always makes social issues worse, whether you’re a student or working in a workplace. Regardless of your ethnicity, taking a stance shows your support and spreads awareness across the environment you’re living in. As a college student, you’re encouraged to learn through multiple racism essay examples at WritingBros to enrich your knowledge and write your own essays. But how can you support racism on paper? Well, you can watch and be inspired by the multiple TED talks online or even the conferences that take place all the time. Moreover, ensure that your organization has a diversity and inclusion team that aims to help students and others learn more about racism.

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2. Educational Racism

While less prevalent, as segregation between white and black people was terminated in the case of Brown v Board of Education 60 years ago, it’s yet an issue to address. People still suffer in colleges and schools through bullying or discrimination from professors and teachers. Not only is that a problem, but the economic and social inequalities lead to people of color struggling more often than others. Things can be enhanced, whether because of underfunding or lack of resources. The primary way to end this inequality is by increasing inclusion and diversity amongst all educational systems.

3. Beyond Police Brutality

While we have seen events of police brutality against unarmed African-Americans, it’s not the sole issue that racism gambles with. History does have its impact on the education system, but there is ample systemic racism portrayed. Whether in education industries or banking, generations of people of color have struggled to stay afloat. However, improved education and proper training for police forces are absolutely vital. No one is about to forget the brutal killing of George Floyd cast across social media channels.

4. React Appropriately

More often than not, when faced with a racist comment, people attack the person. Whether that person intentionally made a comment, racism mainly stems from a lack of proper education. That being said, racism isn’t about ignorance. There are multiple occasions in the USA where highly educated and influential people occasionally throw snark comments. Hence, there is no excuse. However, racist people shouldn’t be attacked, despite them being at fault. That often makes matters worse. Thus, the problem should be addressed from the root causes. Avoid calling others “racist,” and instead work on breaking society’s norms by pointing out that the comment itself was inappropriate.

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5. Petitions and Protests

While it might sound effective instantly, petitions and protests work to increase awareness across the world. While protests mainly happen in the United States, people worldwide are aware of the underlying issues. The Black Lives Matter movement has been one of the most groundbreaking stances regarding racism. Not only did people of color join in, but events have been televised across multiple social media channels. While temporarily disrupting the country’s political aspect, such events will inevitably lead to change if enough people speak out. Hence, regardless of your ethnicity, chime in. Lend a helping hand to others, whether it’s through protests or petitions. One person could actually make all the difference.

Bottom Line

All in all, racism isn’t an issue that will diminish overnight. The world has been struggling for endless years with discrimination and inequality. Hence, while any racist comments and brutal actions can be detrimental, the very first step is providing proper education. People should become more aware of the horrifying consequences of racism. While that sounds easier said than done, small steps will get us there. We will inevitably reach the point through altered education systems, diversity, inclusion, or petitions across the nation. However, one thing to remember is that racism isn’t a straightforward issue to deal with. Most people are often misinformed and work through prejudice or ignorance. Never accuse others, but simply inform them of their own mistakes.


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