The problem of friends stuck on top of the new version of the detailed WeChat experience – Tencent WeChat . has finally been resolved

The new version of WeChat is here. Finally, the Android version of WeChat uses a feature that has been updated long ago in the iOS version. In addition to that, it also offers video cover and subtitles as you type. Come see. Friends and focus groups should be up front, but too many friends at the top cause confusion. Well now, when you have more than 10 top friends on WeChat, the “Fold Top Chat” prompt will appear automatically, you can collapse the top chat and store it after clicking.


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Sticky friends folds, the interface is more refreshing

However, when the user’s main chat group is set to Do Not Disturb, it will not be folded for storage.

Figure 1 Figure 1 Figure folding top chat Figure 2 Folding storage effect

Do you have many accounts? Support more accounts to switch quickly

In the old version of WeChat, only WeChat accounts were allowed to switch quickly, but in the new version, the number has been increased to five. So here comes the question, do you have five WeChat accounts? Moreover, this function is only for hot swapping, not simultaneous login. The messages of these numbers cannot be received at the same time, messages of the current login number can only be received, this is just to help the user to skip the login step and switch between accounts quickly.

Figure 3 WeChat ID switch

Moments Cover Support Video What do you think of a great video?

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Since WeChat status supports video, it has been used to play for internet users. This is not a Moments wrapper, it is also ready to support video. In addition to the direct selection of the video locally, it also supports the selection of the video from the video number. The editor immediately remembered the video, which gave his avatar a great movement. when? You upgraded WeChat to the new version and did not find this feature? Yes, this feature is not currently available to all members, it is still in testing, and the selected video cover must have a video cover function in order to see the dynamic effect.

Currently, the video cover video is up to 30 seconds long, and the user can select a video from the “mobile phone album, WeChat video number, temporary number, photographer’s work”.

Figure 4 Cover video

Translate while writing makes communication easier

When dealing with foreigners, text communication is inevitable. The new version of WeChat supports the “Type while translating” function. what does that mean? The new version of WeChat supports users to enter Chinese into the input box, WeChat will intelligently translate the selected language is displayed in the filter area, and when the user presses the use button, the translated language text can be sent. This function can be activated by long pressing the input box, and the current translation effect is still a bit blunt.

For WeChat which does not have the translation function as you type, you can try to send more than three English sentences in a row in the chat dialog, then the translation function will appear as you type. Likewise, this job is in probationary status and is not open to all employees.

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Currently, the translation function supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean typing. It will select the input text based on the text in the input box when the user runs the “Type while translating” function, and the user can select the output text.

Figure 5 Open and translate as you type

Figure 6 Translatable languages


How, what feature of the new version of WeChat attracted you? The editor thinks it’s a video cover function. It can watch all kinds of cool videos for your friends, which is very good. Don’t forget to share any good looking videos you have.

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