The owners of these five phrases have low emotional intelligence.. Get to know them | Lifestyle

The owners of these five phrases have low emotional intelligence.. Get to know them |  Lifestyle

Tamarin de Kock, Chief of Staff at Gunnar: People are very good at noticing that you don’t care, and you can’t fake emotional intelligence, and it’s very hard to pretend to be sympathetic.

The scope of emotional intelligence goes beyond the language barrier. The way a person speaks can reveal their level of emotional intelligence.

People who use the following statements are likely to have low emotional intelligence, and recognizing them will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of social situations, which will allow you to develop a better emotional awareness.

about emotional intelligence

The writer Anwar Abdo, in his report published by the American “theladders” website, said that developing emotional intelligence is possible by following some tips, but you cannot fake it, because you really have to care about others. “People are very good at noticing that you don’t care about them, you can’t fake emotional intelligence, and it’s very hard to pretend to be sympathetic,” says Tamarin de Kock, chief of staff at Gunnar.

De Kock presented the basic principle for demonstrating that you have a high level of emotional intelligence, saying, “Don’t say things you don’t really mean and you can’t back up with actions.” The words you say matter, but emotional intelligence is always contextual and includes other factors. “When you deal with people and emotions, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. People are complex, and emotions are. The best solution always depends on understanding the person and understanding the circumstances and the situation,” De Kock added.

The writer explained that in a post-pandemic world, professionals now have to rely on verbal communication more than other forms of interaction to develop relationships. According to de Cooke, “many of the more subtle forms of communication that play a major role in understanding circumstances and situations have been lost.”

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Not only is body language difficult to recognize during video calls, working mostly through email and messaging apps strips conversations of their tone.

“While it is possible to tell if a team member is nervous with a quick look that reveals if someone is hunched over their desk and frantically pressing computer buttons, leaders and co-workers now have to rely on active communication to identify this important information,” De Kok said.

When dealing with people and emotions there is no one-size-fits-all solution (Getty Images)

5 phrases to avoid

1. “I don’t have time for this” “I don’t care” “Get to the point”

“Dismissive comments show a lack of empathy,” says De Kock. “It indicates not trying to understand the circumstances or the situation. When you don’t show evidence that you care about the things other people care about, you are telling them you don’t care.” So pay attention to people who are quick to ignore or interrupt others.

2. Sandwich Technology

De Kok explained that using the “sandwich technique” to provide constructive criticism – that is, embedding a negative response between two positive responses – can do more harm than good, revealing a low emotional intelligence rate for the person using it.

“This technique is ineffective,” Cook emphasized. “People are often stronger than you think and don’t need[introductions]to receive negative feedback. Positive feedback has no effect because we tend to focus on negative feedback, and constructive criticism is often weakened by not providing feedback.” descriptive in a clear, direct and specific manner.

People with high emotional intelligence show confidence and appreciation through the language they use (Getty Images)

3. Watch the phrases..words alone are not enough

People with high emotional intelligence show confidence and appreciation through the language they use. On the other hand, those who lack skills in this aspect say things that suggest control or control, and then reveal their lack of confidence.

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De Kock says that using phrases such as “I trust you,” “I appreciate you,” and “I care about you” can help promote psychological well-being and show your emotional intelligence if you mean them, but that “words alone are not enough. These statements are constantly followed by other words or actions that show that you genuinely trust or care about someone. Hollow statements are more harmful than helpful.

4. Phrases to claim interest

According to De Cook, saying things like “Tell me more about…”, “Help me understand better”, or “What do you think?” It is a sign that someone has high emotional intelligence and looks forward to understanding other people’s feelings and perspectives, avoiding misunderstandings, and seeking to be more prepared to handle any situation.

But again, this is only true if these people are interested in the answer. If someone is acting like they want to know more but you feel their eyes are blank or they don’t respond to your message at all, you may be dealing with someone with low emotional intelligence.

If you hear someone sincerely apologizing, you know that they have great empathy and emotional awareness (communication sites)

5. Not apologizing

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of an “I’m sorry but…” or “I’m sorry you feel this way” apology, you know how much these statements can erode trust and destroy a relationship.

People with low levels of emotional intelligence tend to use these sentences, and if you hear someone sincerely apologizing, you know they have great empathy and emotional awareness.

“Honestly admitting that you did something wrong or perhaps wrong about something or apologizing shows that you are aware of your actions and the effect they have on others. It shows how humble you are and paves the way for people to admit their mistakes. If they see that you are doing it, it will be doing The same is easy for them too. Besides, sometimes you might say something wrong, but admitting your failure or weakness is effective in helping to rebuild trust.”

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