The Oscars have been criticized for banning digital speeches

The Oscars have been criticized for banning digital speeches

Oscars will take place next month. However, Steven Soderberg and the other producers of the 93rd Academy Awards were criticized for saying victory speeches via Zoom were not allowed.

In other words, the winners have to be physically present at the Los Angeles Awards ceremony on April 25, which creates logistical problems for some of the candidates. For example, some are found in countries that are currently subject to some form of lockdown or where travel bans apply.

Plant quarantine
Moreover, candidate film talents who can emerge naturally have to go through a mandatory ten-day quarantine upon their arrival in Los Angeles. As a result, the hotel costs will be very high.

In addition, the productions of the candidates present will also have to be shut down for weeks, as they will have to quarantine again upon their return to the country where the filming is taking place.

Emerald Fennell has at least a chance to win five Oscars with her film Promising Young Woman, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay. The manager is currently in London. She hopes to attend the party, but is far from certain.

I’d love to be there, but that depends on different rules. If I am allowed to travel to the United States, I will definitely be there. However, I fear certain rules will be enforced that make this impossible for me …

Another director
Print director Thomas Winterberg, who competes with Vinyl in the Best Director category, wants to attend the Oscars, but he’s not sure if he will be able to come from Denmark:I’m curious what the ceremony will look like and how many candidates will be attending. If it could be done legally, I would be there“.

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