The newly convicted founder lottery continues to lose and again asks the participants for internal money

The newly convicted founder lottery continues to lose and again asks the participants for internal money

Verd Roet, who has just been sentenced to two years in prison, is still asking the people for whom he is suing Staatsloterij for a financial contribution. According to Roet, there is nothing wrong with that: “We sue for less than a cup of coffee, and we are free to ask for a voluntary contribution.”

Also in this month – the month in which Roy was in court for fraud and money laundering and was sentenced to two years in prison – countless people who once joined Rott’s claims organization Loterij Loss have demanded money on their doorsteps. Losing the lottery requires a contribution of €25.

Ferdy Roet (full name given at his request) is the founder of the Lottery Loss Claim Organization. With this he has been campaigning for years against Staatsloterij, according to him still on behalf of tens of thousands of people who felt misled because their chances of winning were lower than expected. Over a dozen years ago Roett (a lawyer) was able to reveal over a dozen years ago that Staatsloterij took prizes from a bowl that also contained unsold tickets. This led to a lot of unrest in the Netherlands. He has been fighting Staatsloterij since 2008.

Royt was right many times before the judge and the Supreme Court. What followed was a years-long struggle to compensate the victims. Many of the tens of thousands of people registered with Roets are asking Lottery Loss to get their money back on lottery tickets purchased for years.

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“A way to get me out”

After years of unsuccessful negotiations and lawsuits against the state lottery, Royt came into the picture in court. He is said to have returned money paid by the people he said he was standing for to help pay for a villa in Bergen, among other things. The court in Zwolle found yesterday that it had established that Roet had embezzled more than 2.8 million euros. Soot should go to prison for two years, but he will appeal. He says the lawsuit is a way to “get him out”.

So he does not accept that. According to him, various actions are coming. “We’re still talking about refunds,” he says via WhatsApps. “The advocacy goes on. When a corporate director is attacked, the work doesn’t stop. If we engage in a smear campaign against us, the state gets what it wants: eliminate us. We’ve been litigating since 2008. No one has sued for so long for so little money. We are free to ask for a new voluntary contribution.”

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