The ironic reason “Mad Max: Fury Road” had to find another desert location

The ironic reason "Mad Max: Fury Road" had to find another desert location

In Mad Max Fury Road, society has collapsed due to pollution and environmental degradation. This makes the rationale behind moving the film’s location somewhat ridiculous.

Launched in the late 1970s, this franchise truly showed a world in which the social fabric that holds society together is disintegrating. The venue was left somewhat open, although the first three films were shot in Australia.

New setting
Although the films are about the terrible effects of man-made pollution on the environment, the production of Mad Max Fury Road Ironically, moving from Australia to Namibia.

Reason? Heavy rain in a usually very dry environment. As a result, a lot of greenery suddenly appeared in the area that usually resembled a desert.

So the producers had to move to another country and then chose Namibia, which has a very desolate area, which makes it ideal for recordings. That was good news for Namibia, because Mad Max Fury Road It was one of the biggest projects ever in Hollywood land.

Mad Max: Furiosa is also now being filmed in the country.

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