The new world champion does not miss Al Shabab Family Day: “Reminds me of the past” | Regional Sports Green Heart

The new world champion does not miss Al Shabab Family Day: “Reminds me of the past” |  Regional Sports Green Heart

Despite the delay caused by the long flight from Australia, world champion and world record holder Eileen van Dijk was a special guest on the WTC Woerden Cycling Club’s Family Day. Clubman and Nacht van Woerden board member Ronald van Merker needed just one phone call to bring the proud Woerdense to the course on Waardsedijk.

The Van Dijk – Van Merker duo made their debut at the esteemed couples stage during the Woerdense Cycling Clubs Family Day. Even from the neighboring football fields, the rainbow jersey received the necessary attention. It was 22 minutes of hard work on Eileen’s back wheel,” said the 55-year-old with a laugh. “But riding together was a special thing.”

Eileen Van Dyck has enjoyed putting her in the spotlight. ‘It’s the club where I started and where I’ve always enjoyed riding,’ replied the rider from Woerden enthusiastically. , many of the younger members reminded me of the past. It was nice for me to sign autographs, and it was so much fun.”

Along with Ronald van Merker, Van Dyck formed a couple during the Couples Time Trial. © Marnix Schmidt

And about the very successful World Cup: Unbelievable. I had to wait eight years to become the World Test Champion again in 2021. Now, at 35, this is happening twice in a row. This time in an elevated trajectory. That surprised me. The road trip went well for me. She was able to do useful work from start to finish for later world champion Annemick van Vleuten and co-leader Marianne Voss. This wonderful year encourages me to continue until 2024.”

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The season is not over for Van Dijk. She still participates in the Swiss Romandy Tour and the French Chrono des Nations. After sponsoring commitments in the US, Van Dyck will be present at Worden’s Night on October 25 to be active there for sponsors from the region.

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