The new German alliance wants to lead the creation of the United States of Europe

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With Annalena Bierbock as Germany’s foreign minister, the country can be expected to move towards a more federal structure of the European Union. After all, Baerbock, the leader of Die Grünen, is a convinced Europhile and would likely pursue a foreign policy that could be described as a blueprint for the United States of Europe.

The government of future German chancellor Olaf Schulz has already called for a reformulation of the EU’s treaties to create a federal European state.

real power

After all, the coalition agreement calls for the European Parliament to be given real power and the appointment of a Federal Foreign Minister to represent the EU at the global level.

“A strong German foreign policy can only be a European policy,” Barbock said in her first statement after being confirmed as a foreign minister in the new government.

The reforms that the Schulz government wants to implement at the European level have the unanimous support of the EU member states, but it seems difficult to achieve in the current climate.

Annalena Barbock is a convinced European actress who was nominated by Die Grünen as a candidate for chancellor in the German elections in September. religion

financial bottlenecks

Her party has long been the strongest supporter of the European Union in Germany. But in this policy it will also need the support of its coalition partners – Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD) and Freie Demokratische Partei (FDP).

“Germany should send a signal in which direction it wants to see the European Union develop,” said social democrat Udo Polmann. However, financial bottlenecks can be a stumbling block.

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The FDP, in particular, does not want agreements that could make German taxpayers pay the debts of the EU’s most profligate member states.

Christian Lindner, the party’s leader, has been appointed finance minister in the new government and is likely to veto such moves.

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