Rota apologizes during a press conference: “They came too late”

Rota apologizes during a press conference: "They came too late"

Communications expert Lars Dorsma is intrigued by Rutte’s apology. He told EditieNL: “If you have a quarrel at home, you don’t say: ‘No doubt it could have been better, but… you look like you’re apologizing, but it’s really a fake apology.'” View Rutte’s apology here:

Rutte also said he felt he had fallen short in insisting on compliance with ground rules. “But it’s something that people haven’t done well. Then it’s strange that he says, ‘Sorry people don’t follow up properly.'”


However, Dorsma thinks it is right for Rota to apologize, but it may not have been the time. “You shouldn’t do that on the evening of the proceedings. It would overshadow the new procedures too much.” Political scientist Gerard Drostrig believes the excuse came at the wrong time. “They came too late for those already disappointed,” he told EditieNL.

Drosterge sees in his environment that the procedures are going wrong. “Usually loyal people also lost a bit of confidence. He’s trying to recover from inconsistent policies.”

More attention

Drosterij still believes Rutte did the right thing by trying to apologize. “The problem is that Roti is talking too fast and too fast, and I think he should have paid more attention to her. Maybe even a private moment. Now he’s talking so fast around her that she can’t be noticed.”

In general, this is not good for Ruth’s confidence, Dorsma believes. “But people must above all understand the importance of actions: even if you don’t trust Ruth, you do it for others.”

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