The Netherlands is fifth in the European Innovation Ranking

The Netherlands is fifth in the European Innovation Ranking

This is shown by the European Innovation Scoreboard

It provides a comparative analysis of innovation performance in EU countries, other European countries and neighboring regions. It assesses the relative strengths and weaknesses of national innovation systems and helps countries identify areas where they need to step up their efforts.

This year’s European Innovation Scoreboard is based on a revised framework with new indicators for digitization and environmental sustainability, bringing the scoreboard closer to the political focal points of the European Union.

Comparing the EU average with a selection of global competitors shows that South Korea is the most innovative country, scoring 36% in 2014 and 21% better than the EU in 2021. The EU outperforms China, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and India in This year’s European innovation scoreboard, but ahead of Canada, Australia, the United States and Japan.

The Netherlands is a strong innovative country. The performance has declined relative to the EU average in recent years, mainly due to the relatively strong decline in 2021. The strengths of the Netherlands are: attractive search systems, connections, and use of information technologies. The top three indicators are foreign doctoral students, joint public-private publications, and international joint scholarly publications.

Less innovation
The decline in performance in 2021 is due to lower results in sales of innovative products and product innovators, employment in innovative enterprises, PCT patent applications, and government support for research and development of companies. The Netherlands scores above average in indicators related to climate change.

know more? Read the fact sheet about the Netherlands and the EU regional scoreboard with an analysis of the Dutch provinces. For example, the regions of Utrecht, Northern Holland and North Brabant are part of the Intra-European Regions Innovation Leaders Group.

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