The Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels presents R. Rex Gallery

Museum voor Natuurwetenschappen in Brussel pakt uit met t. rex-tentoonstelling

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The press inauguration was attended by Secretary of State Thomas Dermin in charge of science policy. He called Brussels “the European dinosaur capital” and praised the museum for its educational wealth, “fundamentally important educational role” and scientific approach.

Cycling against a dinosaur

The exhibition kicks off with a 3D printing of a 67 million-year-old female dinosaur skeleton that was discovered in Montana, US. The following is all the explanations about the skeleton: what era this dinosaur lived in, what it ate, how its brain worked, and what else was. Rex ever had her lower jaw and how old was she when she died.

There are quite a few activities that you can do by yourself: an electric toy, a game in which you have to complete a skeleton yourself using rubber bands. Visitors can also hop on a stationary bike and race against the t. Rex. If you bike for twenty hours, you will stay ahead of the giant carnivore. At the end of the exhibition there is a quiz where visitors can test if they have already done it. They became experts.

The exhibition comes from Naturalis, the natural history museum in Leiden. The Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels has put its own stamp on it. A new track and content has been added to it. The museum is open every day except Monday. Entry is free every Wednesday afternoon.

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