The missing traveler (80) had to spend the night under the tree «

The missing traveler (80) had to spend the night under the tree «

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From the Eibegsattel in the Bruck-Mürzzuschlag district, the search for a wanderer began on Saturday morning (September 4), eventually involving some 70 emergency services. The missing person was found at noon.

from Raphael Obner | 4:05 pm, September 4, 2021


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An extensive search was conducted on Saturday 4th September at Southern Bruck-Mürzzuschlag. An 80-year-old man from Wise had moved since the day before Ipgsatel She started, but didn’t come back until Saturday morning, like her Mixnitz Mountain Rescue He told the Kleine Zeitung newspaper. In the morning and then try – after increasing – up to about 70 emergency service of mountain rescue, police (Alpine) and fire brigade Together with police helicopters and search dogs to find the man. Good luck.

Around noon, the missing person was in the area Jaga-Alm in the municipality of Saint-Marin in the Mors Valley to be a coincidence. between between Ipgsatel And Renfield way lost. Since then he too No cell phone The man had to carry with him sleeping under a tree. The next day he started looking for the right path again – and emergency services met. The wanderer is up some scratches He remained unharmed, it was said about the mountain rescue.

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