The highest glacier in the world is melting very quickly

The highest glacier in the world is melting very quickly

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The melting of Earth’s ice sheets is happening at an alarming rate. This is evidenced again by research conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Maine in the United States. Based on measurements they have made on the south side of Mount Everest since 2019, they conclude that a glacier on Mount Everest has lost about 55 meters of ice in twenty-five years as a result of climate change. This ice sheet on the highest glacier in the world took 2,000 years to reach this thickness.

They conducted their research at an altitude of 8,020 meters and their results were published in the scientific journal on Thursday nature

Therefore, even the most inaccessible and very high glaciers are also affected by climate change. This is the first time this has been scientifically proven. Scientists have never before shown that the highest places in the world are also changing as a result of human-induced climate change.

Source: and Nature | Main image: Unsplash

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