“The government is hopelessly failing to receive asylum” | what do you say

“The government is hopelessly failing to receive asylum” |  what do you say

For a long time it was possible to manage the IND reasonably and we all got a shelter somewhere and were able to integrate into society with a residence permit. But we are all familiar with the application center images of Ter Apel. Hordes of asylum seekers enter the country every day. Sleeping outdoors is still very popular. There are so many of them that it is impossible to immediately provide shelter for them.

The government forces municipalities to provide shelter to hundreds of asylum seekers. Mayors are silenced. But are we really talking about asylum seekers here? In the true sense of the word? Unfortunately, there is. Those who truly fear for their lives. Like currently Ukrainian refugees. And take the Afghans, for example, who helped the Dutch army for years, but are now once again being flogged by the Taliban. There will always be room for them in our country. We can be clear about that.

But those who have access to Europe are mainly wealth seekers. Those who have managed to pay well for the trip, who are equipped with the latest mobile phones and who dress according to the latest fashions sign up here to live an easy life. Let’s be honest, if you could make it to Holland, you would have bought your own food. That the scum of the fighting in Ter Abel would be asylum seekers? Believe me, everyone who comes there is nothing but an asylum seeker. Real asylum seekers are still in their countries of origin.

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They do not have the means and will never be given the opportunity to reach Western Europe. In this regard, let us all be fooled. And I blame the government for that. Not to mention the billions this requires each year.

Anyway, I wish the people of Albergen a lot of strength and, above all, restraint. And don’t think it’s a show far from my bed there, because they might be on your doorstep tomorrow. This influx of people can no longer be controlled. No matter how many employees you can afford it.

Jan Moges, Tilburg

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