The future: Science and technology:

The future: Science and technology:

Starlink’s average internet speed in Europe has grown to 176 Mbps. Wccftech edition reported.

To compare the speed of the Internet via satellite Elon Musk in different regions, journalists used the Starlink Statuspage program. They discovered that the average Starlink speed in Europe is higher than in the US – 176 versus 140 Mbps. Also in the EU, the latency is lower – 33 versus 50 milliseconds. The average download speed worldwide was 157 megabits per second, with an average latency of 43 milliseconds.

Meanwhile, Musk Internet users from the UK reported the lowest download speed. This may be due to an underdeveloped network infrastructure.

The fastest download speeds across the Starlink networks are recorded in Australia – up to 300Mbps. Experts attribute this to the installation of 13 ground stations deployed in the region this summer. Also, records in Australia may be associated with fewer users than in Europe and the United States.

At the end of June, SpaceX President Elon Musk said that the company intends to connect half a million users with Starlink within the next 12 months. At the moment, satellite Internet is available to users in test mode, and the service costs subscribers $99 or 6.4 thousand rubles per month.

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