The FRANQ Hotel in Antwerp comes with elegant events

The FRANQ Hotel in Antwerp comes with elegant events

Last Wednesday, the luxury hotel FRANQ in Antwerp kicked off a series of glamorous events during an evening filled with live jazz, snacks from star chef Tim Mulliner and plenty of champagne. We were like this lucky To be present at the first event and believe us: it’s the perfect place for an elegant date with your lover or a special night out with friends.

what do you need? Beautiful outfit, passion for champagne, exclusive ticket and password.

Out of the box in Antwerp at the Hotel FRANQ

The FRANQ Hotel and its restaurant is located in a former bank building in the heart of Antwerp. The distance from Amsterdam takes less than two hours by train and is easily reached by car, something we sometimes forget. However, you feel like you are far away; Especially in summer with the beautiful evening sun.

BACK TO FRANCE: From now on, the huge and distinctive 18th-century annex that belonged to the hotel will be used for festive and authentic occasions. The building has two floors and breathes history through the monumental facade, original details and wooden beams. It lends itself perfectly to intimate occasions, such as a boisterous evening or private parties and let that is exactly what we are allowed to experience.

Speakeasy Events

If you are not familiar with this term, we are happy to explain it to you. Speakeasy is the English term for an occasion or event where alcoholic beverages were sold illegally. These kinds of occasions arose during Prohibition in the United States from 1920 to 1933, when the sale and production of alcohol was often prohibited. So you weren’t allowed to see from the outside that there was an event (with alcohol) that these events were often held in basements and back houses.

Roaring Twenties

On August 31, we were sent to the hotel gate with a password, which we received via text message. There was a porter ready to guide us further. You have to say the correct password, otherwise you will not enter. Just like in the old days.. when it was really illegal. The first surprise was a shot of black water. And when we say black, we really mean black. Nothing to worry about, right?

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The modern bar is located at the back of the hotel which has been converted into a raucous party night, Back in the twenties. The first toast of the evening happened in the style of Leonardo DiCaprio (The great Gatsby – duhhh) with a coupe of Telmont champagne. Maison Telmont was born in 1912 from a pioneering point of view. Since this year, DiCaprio has been investing in the brand with a shared passion for environmental protection. This way Leo was still a bit of him. Moreover, pamper all guests with a Fish House punch, one of the world’s oldest cocktails from the French spirits group Rémy Cointreau. If you are a little fan of the movie The great Gatsby You are absolutely in the right place here.

Are you curious what such an event looks like? Watch our TikTok video below and Like and follow:

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^ The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald and Michael Shannon


What did we think? First, the hotel is beautiful. It is a real pearl and every room in the hotel is full of surprises. The entrance is really striking and the rooms are also beautiful, elegant and spacious. In addition, you can enjoy a real star meal and in the morning have a delicious breakfast in the same room. The event itself was a special experience – the hotel’s lovely little courtyard garden is well suited for such events. There was champagne, wine and of course a lot of other drinks. There were also nice looking Michelin snacks that make you feel even more special.

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The evening is also provided with live music and you can try out a game of roulette or blackjack without looting your savings account. You have received FRANQ money, which you can play with. You really imagined yourself in your roaring twenties, but without the unpleasant feeling that you were doing something illegal. Perfect for an elegant date with your lover or a special evening with friends. are you single? Everyone sounds great, so you can even record a song at the end of the night.

We loved it.

Will you be there next time?

The next modern event will take place on September 29th. Expect an evening with an exclusive cocktail menu and light bites from star chef Tim Mulliner. To secure an exclusive venue, it is best to keep an eye on FRANQ’s website and social media channels. The best thing of course is to book a one night stay at the hotel, so you can sleep in bed at the end of the evening and enjoy a nice breakfast in the morning.

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