The Fortnite x Disney + collaboration can give you some free entertainment this Christmas


Recent Fortnite leaks have let the cat out of the bag, and it looks like the next phase of the Fortnite and Disney collaboration will include Disney +. According to some leaked Fortnite x Disney + data series, purchasing V-Bucks or making any purchase with real money in the Item Shop will save you two months of Disney +.

No start date has been set, but the deal is valid until December 31, according to the leak. Also importantly, this does not simply include spending V-Bucks, you will need to either purchase new V-Bucks or purchase one of the real money packs that appear in the Item Shop.

The Fortnite x Marvel season has been a massive success for Epic and Disney games, so this appears to be the next step in their collaborative efforts. It’s quite the show, and it will potentially give people access to Disney + over the Christmas period, which might make dealing with any potential closures easier.

Disney + is Disney’s live streaming service, showing its movies and various TV series, including the hugely successful Mandalorian. If you have Disney + in your area, and can’t afford to buy it, this could be your chance to watch one of the best TV shows of the year.

At the moment this is just a leak, but it will likely be made official in the next couple of days, as it seems Epic these days is very keen to give a lot of time to leakers when it comes to news like this.

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