The floodplains will be filled this weekend due to rising water levels

The floodplains will be filled this weekend due to rising water levels

The Rijkswaterstaat expects the low-lying floodplains along the rivers to fill up by the end of next week. Due to heavy rain and melt water from Germany and Switzerland, there is a rise in the water level in the Rhine, Wall and Ijssel. The Rhine is likely to peak just under 13 meters above NAP in Lobeth on Saturday.

In Wijhe, Overijssel, the water has risen rapidly in recent days and IJssel is already flooding the banks in several places. Loswal in the village has been closed to passing through the gates as a precaution. Soon it will not be possible to see where the pier ends and where the river begins. In addition, there is a dangerously strong current, according to the RTV Oost report.

More measures

Lower parking spaces along rivers can also be flooded. So it was closed in Tell and Zaltopomil. In addition, Rijkswaterstaat has opened dams at Nederrijn and Lek near Driel, Amerongen and Hagestein to give the river’s fast-flowing water as much space as possible.

The Riverland Water Board, which manages river embankments from the German border to southern Holland, sees no reason to monitor the levees, but the Water Board is being very careful about damage to dams and piers.

If there is no significant amount of rain next week, the water level in the rivers will start to drop again from Monday.

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