The first white kiwi bird died in captivity

The first white kiwi bird died in captivity

A unique white kiwi bird called Manukura died in New Zealand on Sunday. The Facebook page dedicated to the bird states that the animal died during an operation. Although white kiwi is a possibility found in the wild, it is very rare.

Manukura hatched on May 1, 2011 at the National Wildlife Center Pukaha, a sanctuary for some of the country’s endangered bird species. This made her the first white kiwi to be born in captivity. Shortly thereafter, her white siblings Mabona and Moreora hatched.

It is actually supposed to be brown in color, but a rare genetic defect keeps it white. Manokura in particular was hugely popular. She had her own Facebook page, with more than eight thousand followers, and was an inspiration for children’s books and games.

Earlier this month, Manokura fell ill. National Park employees noticed that she was eating poorly and losing weight. The vets could not save her. Local environmental activist Kathy Hokamaw says Manokura will be missed. The New Zealand Herald On her Sunday quotes: “[Manukura] Countless happier people, and in her calm manner, she highlighted the precarious situation of kiwis in the wild. ”Manukura’s little brother Maurura was released into the wild in 2013. Mapuna is being taken care of in the same shelter as Manukura.

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