The first shots of Android 12 hint at major visual changes

The first shots of Android 12 hint at major visual changes

Some images that are supposed to be screenshots showing the features of the next Android release have been posted by XDA Developers. These visual changes indicate, larger than we expected, in addition to the much-anticipated privacy feature developed from Android 10 Q that iOS only received last year.

XDA developers have not been able to explicitly confirm the authenticity of the images, which could be screenshots or displays. However, Android Police can confirm that some of the details in these screenshots match our expectations for some future features and other generally non-public information we have about Android 12. The details that XDA shared with them are not official, but XDA is confident they are real.

It is not yet known, but the new system may use this pastel color scheme. So far, we know that Android 12 will include a theme system that will allow users to customize their interface and apps. It looks like the camera app can also use a new color scheme.

In the upper-right corner are the new privacy indicators that are expected to debut with Android 12 – and they are similar in both colors and functionality to iOS.

Unlike Apple’s indicators, Google clearly shows if the microphone or camera has been accessed. As far as we know, Google should provide more details and introduce Android 12 by the end of this month, so we just have to wait until then to see how it goes.

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