The first photos show a completely new design

The first photos show a completely new design

The first preview version of Android 12 is expected this month and the system will be officially announced. With Android 10 and 11, there have been relatively few visual innovations. This should change with Android 12.

Features: Change font, icons and color

A novelty in Android 12 are the designs. In the future, you can choose a system font, change the shape of the icons, and set an accent color. To some extent, Google smartphone users can actually use this function. With Android 12, the functionality is available for all smartphones.

In this screenshot you can see how the design can be customized. This was what the WLAN icons looked like. Flusgmodus and Co. And developed a new set of colors. The images that appeared are still an internal preview version before the first beta. So not all icons are yet standardized. That should be the case for the official release.

Android 12 camera and microphone

With Android 12, a direct practical feature has been taken over from iOS. Once the app uses your smartphone’s camera or microphone, this is indicated with a small dot. Screen shots show two variants here. Apparently, it’s not specified whether you want to display a simple point like iOS (right) or an icon with more information (on the left).

The Camera app itself has also been revised and has new icons that are compatible with the system. In addition, Panorama mode is now accessible from the bottom menu. However, the app doesn’t seem well thought out yet: the toggle for zoom or ultra-wide angle mode is now on top rather than directly below the shutter release, making it more difficult to access. Additionally, the preview image has rounded edges – so you don’t have the full shape in view. Hopefully this will improve until release.

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Conversations expanded

With Android 11, the distinction between app notifications and messages from contacts has begun in notifications. The so-called “Conversations” are always displayed at the top. With Android 12, there should be a new home screen widget.

This tool displays chatting with friends, messages, and suggestions for chatting. You can jump to a specific conversation with a single click, call back missed calls, birthday reminders and much more. It is assumed that Google’s AI will automatically fine-tune the widget’s tiles and try to show relevant information.

This is how he sees the new "Conversations"- The widget on Android 12
This is what the new Conversations tool looks like in Android 12

When will Android 12 come?

Currently, the design of Android 12 is still incomplete. The symbols are not uniform, the rounded corners are not identical, and the line spacing is inconsistent. However, this is not an issue with the preview version. However, much remains to be done before its release.

Google has not yet revealed when the new system will be presented. However, it should not be long. Android 11 was introduced last year on Thursday, February 20. However, after the presentation, a beta phase will begin until the system becomes officially available in late summer.

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